Enjoying London to the Full

LondonThe vibrant city of London features a wide range of world famous attractions as well as excellent dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities. However, many people have trouble getting to grips with London the first time they visit, mainly because they try to fit too much into their trip and fail to do their research first. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that your first visit to London leaves you feeling relaxed and happy rather than stressed out.

Although London boasts of an excellent transportation network, getting to grips with it can often be a challenge, especially when it comes to reading the brightly colored tangle of lines that makes up the London Underground. In addition, the sheer amount of traffic on the city’s narrow roads often causes traffic jams. First time visitors of the city might want to consider taking a tour on one of the city’s special tour buses. These buses regularly run on routes past most of the city’s famous landmarks, and offer visitors the chance to hop off whenever they choose before catching the next bus as it rolls past one of the designated stops.

Watching a play at the West End is an experience that should not be missed. there are several ticket booths located around Leicester Square that sell last minute tickets for half the original price, offering visitors massive savings on the show of their choice.

The frantic pace and bright lights of London can become a little overwhelming at times, especially for first time visitors of the city. Fortunately, London boasts of a large number of pretty green zones for visitors to retreat to. Places such as Hyde Park, Greenwich Park and Regents Park are great places to visit on a sunny day, and they also feature plenty of amenities and activities such as children’s playgrounds and boating on the river.